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Practice Areas

Our services within Corporate law include but they are not limited to:
  • Drafting Articles of Incorporation/Association Agreement/Bylaws
  • Formalities for company’s incorporation: name reservation, drafting shareholder’s/administrator’s statements, share capital submitting to the bank on behalf of the shareholders.
  • Company’s registration with the Trade Registry Office.
  • Shareholders’ Agreements.
  • Corporate structure.
  • General Shareholders Assemblies including drafting Shareholders’ Resolutions.
  • Board’s meetings.

Changes of the share capital and related procedures:
  • Decrease/Increase/Assignment of shares.
  • Change of name/head office address.
  • Formalities with the Trade Register and other authorities.
  • Consultancy regarding day to day activities.
  • Joint Ventures Agreements.
  • Liquidation and dissolution.
  • Disputes: consultancy/assistance/representation before Courts and Arbitration Courts.

Our commercial legal services include but they are not limited to:
  • Drafting of all types of contracts: sale-purchase, rental agreements, leasing and loan agreements, services agreements, insurance agreements, FIDIC and construction agreements, contracts review.
  • Analyses, review and management of contracts.
  • Negotiation and consultancy for contracts’ conclusion.
  • Claims recovery: on amicable way, through settlements and mediation, where we do assist or represent and advise clients in the mediation procedure and at conclusion of the mediation agreement or in front of civil courts and arbitration tribunal.
  • Claims assignment

Our services include but they are not limited to::
  • Legal opinion and due diligence regarding investments.
  • Assistance and consultancy in negotiations and during operations.
  • Drafting documents.

Our services include but they are not limited to::
  • Solutions for debtors: assistance and representation in negotiations for settlements with creditors. Avoiding insolvency risks. Restructuring.
  • Assistance, consultancy and representation for settlements with creditors procedure.
  • Petition for the opening of the insolvency procedure.
  • Petition for claims’ lodging.
  • Objection to the preliminary list of claims.
  • Reorganization Plan.
  • Challenging the acts of the insolvency practitioner.
  • Avoiding the risk of liability.
  • Assistance and advise of the insolvency practitioner.
  • Creditors’ rights.
  • Representation in the creditors meetings and committees.
  • Annulment of debtor’s acts.
  • Enforcement of secured claims.
  • Sale of debtor’s assets.
  • Liquidation/dissolution/cancellation from Trade Registry of the company.

Our services include but they are not limited to::
  • Loan agreements: review/consultancy/representation and assistance in negotiations.
  • Credits refinancing: consulting/representation and assistance in negotiations.
  • Loans granted by partners/shareholders of companies for share capital increase/ investments financing.
  • Legal assistance and representation in civil litigations against banks, challenging the enforcement of claims.

Our services include but they are not limited to::
  • Legal opinion on labor law.
  • Consultancy and support with regards to legal changes in labor law and their implementing.
  • Drafting and negotiation of employment agreements.
  • Termination of employment agreements.
  • Detaching and delegation of employees.
  • Setting up of trade union structures.
  • Negotiations with trade unions.
  • Negotiations, drafting and termination of collective employment agreements.
  • Collective redundancy.
  • Personnel restructuring and optimization of labor’s costs.
  • Personnel restructuring after acquisitions and mergers.
  • Anti-discrimination measures and harassment prevention at job.
  • Health and safety at work.
  • GDPR Personal data processing of employees. Transfer of employees’ data within companies from the same group and outside EU countries.
  • Social enterprise. Setting up. Day-to-day consultancy on employment law.
  • HR companies. Setting up. Registration with the ITM authority. Requirements. Drafting of agreements.
  • EU and third countries employments. Obtaining of labor permits.
  • Representation in front of competent authorities in the field of employment law.
  • Representation before courts in employment disputes.

Our services include but they are not limited to::
  • Establishment of companies-registration formalities.
  • Due diligence in renewable energy projects (photovoltaic cells parks, bio-mass).
  • Licenses and authorizations for companies in the energy sector.
  • Obtaining exploration and/or production licenses, permits and petroleum operations authorizations.
  • Negotiations and drafting of petroleum concession agreements, FOA, JOA.
  • Assignments. Farmout-farm in agreements. JOA. Due diligence for extension of phases approvals, due diligence for negotiation of amendments to concession agreements.
  • Negotiation and drafting of services agreements specific to the petroleum industry.
  • Obtaining the right of use for lands used by titleholders oil companies. Obtaining of building permits for wells, pipelines and other petroleum facilities.
  • Preparing of documentation, formalities/assistance for taking part in international biddings organized by the NAMR, ANRE etc.
  • Consultancy services and representation in professional association. Advice regarding law bills and drafts projects in the oil field (changes, new laws). Representation before related authorities/institutions in the oil sector.
  • Representation before domestic and international courts and arbitral tribunals.

Our services include but they are not limited to::
  • Consultancy services on public procurement.
  • Preparing documents for tenders.
  • Request of clarifications. Challenge to CNSC and before administrative courts.
  • Analyses of public procurement contracts.
  • Representation in front of contracting authorities.
  • Monitoring public procurement contracts.
  • Representation and assistance before administrative courts and arbitration tribunals.
  • Negotiations, drafting and conclusion of agreements with subcontractors.
  • Disputes with subcontractors.
  • Disputes with contracting authorities. Representation in front of judicial bodies and criminal courts in causes related to public procurement proceedings.

Our services include but they are not limited to::
  • Advice regarding the type of company to be set up taking into account the tax system.
  • Tax optimization.
  • Transfer prices. Consultancy services. Drafting the transfer files.
  • Assistance in tax related inspections. Contesting to competent tax authorities. Court disputes.
  • Consultancy services with regards to VAT regime and excise duties. Refunding and reimbursements. Challenges.

Our services include but they are not limited to::
  • Representation before public authorities and institutions.
  • Obtaining of authorizations, licenses, permits for different activities of the companies.
  • Complaints against normative administrative, individual or collective documents such as decisions of county’s, municipal’s, city’s council etc. Suspension/ cancelling of the prefect’s order, suspension/ cancelling of the council’s decision.
  • Complaints drafting and filing.
  • Representation before administrative contentious courts. Annulment of administrative acts, orders, dispositions, documents. Suspension of administrative decision.
  • European funds. Accessing and implementing projects approved for financing. Financing corrections: complaints to management authorities and before courts of law of the minutes for the found non conformities and for establishment of the budgetary debts.

Our services include: Legal assistance and representation in criminal cases, before criminal investigation bodies and courts of law for investigation of companies, their managers and personnel for:
  • Economic crimes: money laundering, tax evasion, other tax infringements, fraud, fraudulent bankruptcy, fraud withing banking and insurance systems
  • Corruption and job crimes: bribery, influence peddling, abuse of authority, dereliction of duty (negligence)
  • Offences related to the public procurement regime
  • Offences in accessing public funds (illegal obtaining of funds, embezzlements – Criminal Code, Law no. 78/2000 with its further amendments).
  • Offences related to environmental law.
  • Offences related to competition law.
  • Consultancy services for companies in order to prevent “while collars” crime (organized criminality for money laundering, corruption, illegal accessing and use of public funds). Risk assessment with regards to the existence of criminal groups within a company. Risk assessment in case of companies’ purchase and restructuring.
  • Corporative compliance. Compulsory reporting stated by laws regarding money laundering.
  • Drugs dealing and other offences related to narcotics dealing.

Our services include but they are not limited to::
  • Assistance in: Sales and purchase of properties(lands, buildings, constructions), portfolios. Due diligence, analyses, drafting and conclusion of sales-purchase agreements, donation, leasing agreements, contracts with leasing agents, representation and/or assistance in notary office procedures, fiscal optimization, taxes and fees, development of real estate projects, JV’s in real estate projects.
  • Properties restitutions. ANRP indemnification files, court representation and assistance.
  • Consultanță cu privire la administrarea curentă a proprietăților imobiliare:
  • Assistance in current management of real estate. Property management, rental agreements, contracts management, contracts termination.
  • Mediation. Transactions.
  • Debts recovery. Representation in courts and arbitral tribunals.

Our services include but they are not limited to::
  • Real estate issues, adverse possession, annulment of the sale-purchase agreement, leasing, rental agreement and all kind of claims.
  • Divorces and division of assets
  • Schedules for children visits
  • Disputes related to international kidnapping of children

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